Fun in the Park 2016

We had a lovely show in Wilsonville for Fun in the Park on August 6, 2016. The weather this year was surprisingly pleasant. This layout featured our first monorail exhibit courtesy of Joe! The long-lost vinyl banners were also on display. Several of us spent time acquiring material from Kelly’s Brick Bags, conveniently located in a booth across the sidewalk from the GPLR layout. (Thanks Kelly! I’m sorry to see you go.) This year our layout featured builds by Allen, Dave, Jeremy, Joe, and Richard.

Fun in the Park 2015

We were back in Wilsonville for Fun in the Park on August 1, 2015. It was both super hot and lots of fun. In attendance were Allen, Bob, Dwayne, Jeremy, and Richard.

Fun in the Park 2014

We returned to Fun in the Park in Wilsonville, Oregon on August 2nd, 2014. We had a great display with seven tables of exhibits and six club members: Richard, Joe, Jeff, Allen, Jeremy, and Dave.

Fun in the Park 2013

GPLR exhibited at the annual Fun in the Park fair in Wilsonville, Oregon on August 3, 2013. We had three members present: Allen, Jeff, and Richard. The layout featured sections of town and castle MOCs.



City scene


The wilderness


Castle section


Imagine his disappointment when he realizes they don’t make 9V trains anymore.


Jeff, Richard, and Allen

Bricks Cascade 2013

Several GPLR members exhibited creations at the second annual Bricks Cascade at the Oregon Convention Center on March 8–10, 2013.

Fun in the Park 2012

The weather at Fun in the Park was miserable this year (about 100°), but the layout was great. Allen debuted his Occupy Legonia MOC, and Richard brought his Quidittch pitch for the first time. Steve and Jeremy brought various town buildings.

World’s Greatest Hobby 2012

This model railroad expo at the Oregon Convention Center featured Lego train layouts from three clubs: GPLR, Portlug, and the Puget Sound Lego Train Club. Between the three clubs, there were 18 participants. Photos are of the GPLR layout.